New Birth Stories Pages and Last Night’s UCAN Birth Meeting.

I’ll keep a few inspirational stories collected here on this blog. You can access them by visiting this page (or by using the Pages links to the right).

Last night’s UCAN Birth meeting was well-attended as well as very inspirational and uplifting. One of the women shared her three beautiful unassisted home birth stories. Her faith in birth is incredible. She also brought her mother, who has also had unassisted births after having c-sections with earlier babies. Another woman shared the story of her midwife-attended home birth. Both of the women who shared their personal birth stories talked about joy and laughter as being part of their birth experiences, which is awesome!

We also watched the video of Psalm & Zoya (unassisted home birth of twins). The birthing mother’s calm and confidence is lovely. It was wonderful to witness the birth of twins, born past 40 weeks, with one weighing over 7 lbs. and the second twin weighing over 8! That’s incredibly rare in a culture where twin births are treated as highly complicated and dangerous and few twin pregnancies go to term. While prematurity is a concern with twins, even women who manage to carry their babies into their ninth month are often manipulated by their doctors into inducing or having a c-section as early as 36 weeks. Of the small group of home born twins I’ve learned about, most are average size (7 lbs.+) and are born near their due dates. It is my firm belief that if mother and babies are healthy and well, it’s safest to allow nature to simply take its course.

The overall message of last night’s meeting was: Birth happens. We just need to get out of the way and let it unfold the way it was designed to.


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